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Security Cameras help capture Aventura shell gas station robber

MIAMI – Surveillance video from the Shell gas station off 205th Street and Biscayne Boulevard shows Quaddir Abdul Aleem pointing a gun at the victim while he was trying to get gas Sunday afternoon.

“It is brazen. It’s very methodical very violent. This happens in a crowded shell gas station there is absolutely no regard for the safety of other people,” Aventura Police sergeant Hans Maestre said.

The video shows other customers getting gas, while one car sped off while watching Aleem interact with the victim in broad daylight police say.

Aventura Police sergeant Hans Maestre says this suspect was no ordinary robber when it came to how he conducted his attack.

“He is a professional armed robber. He sets up he canvases victim and moves in with a loaded gun,” Maestre said.

According to police, Aleem’s next target was going to be at Aventura mall, but they were able to catch him with assistance from other agencies.